Thursday, August 2, 2018

I think David fell down

To celebrate my kids both having their wisdom teeth removed this morning, I'll share a "story" from my childhood.

My brother had his wisdom teeth removed when he was in high school.  After the removal (which I won't call a surgery since our dentist did it, with Novocaine and nitrous oxide for anesthesia),  David was recuperating at home.

He was walking down the hall and he fell to the floor.  I was standing nearby, and saw him fall over.  I stood their dumbfounded while he moaned.  From another room, my mom asked what the noise was.

Staring at my brother prone on the floor, I answered, "I think David fell down."  In retrospect, I am pretty certain that he had fallen, since I watched it happen.  But apparently I wasn't confident then, so I conditioned my response with "I think...".

Kids are weird.  Or, I am weird.  Not sure which is relevant in this case.