Monday, October 26, 2009

Gymnastics Meet: The Pumpkin Caper, San Luis Obispo

Last weekend was our final meet of the season.  We journeyed to San Luis Obispo (a very nice town) for the Pumpkin Caper, 2009.

SKGP's scores:

Vault: 8.75 (7th place)
Bars: 8.75 (2nd place)
Beam: 8.35 (2nd place)
Floor: 8.4 (3rd place)
All Around: 34.25 (2nd place)

Also, SKGP won the handstand contest for her level.

Aubry from USA Sports took first place, and did an amazing job.  In addition, USA Sports Level 4 won the second place team award, which is the first trophy for Gilroy!  Great jobs, girls.

The scoring was very tough, but seemed to be consistently applied.

The next meet is the Nor Cal State Championships in early December.  SKGP and one other girl from her gym, plus a couple from the Hollister gym qualified.

Go Green Meet in Dublin

On 10/17/2009, SKGP competed in the Go Green meet in Dublin.  This was a very nice venue and a well organized meet.  Her scores:

Vault: 9.2 (tied for 3rd 2nd place)
Bars: 8.65 (16th 6th place)
Beam:8.9 (6th 4th place)
Floor: 9.15 (5th 2nd place)
All Around: 35.90 (4th 3rd place)

Update: My source for rankings was wrong.  I have updated her placings.

Santa Cruz Meet Score

On 10/10/2009, SKGP competed in the "Undersea Adventure" meet in Santa Cruz.  Her scores were:

Vault: 8.7 (Tied 4th)
Bars: 8.75 (10)
Beam: 8.55 (Tied 8th)
Floor: 8.6 (Tied 7th)
All Around:  34.60 (6th place)

This was not her best meet, and it wasn't the greatest meet.

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Meet #3 (Champion!)

In her third meet today in Livermore, SKGP got:

Beam: 9.000 (1st place)
Floor: 9.025 (2nd place)
Vault: 8.600 (tied for 9th place)
Bars: 9.350 (1st place)
All Around: 35.975 (1st place)

She attributes her performance to an Egg McMuffin for breakfast.

We are incredibly proud and amazed.