Monday, September 28, 2009

Letters: Awesome API scores from Rucker School, way to go and keep it up!

Letters: Awesome API scores from Rucker School, way to go and keep it up!: "Awesome API scores from Rucker School, way to go and keep it up!
Dear Editor,
Your recent article on the API scores for Gilroy Unified School District showed some very good growth for several schools. Congratulations to everyone involved for your accomplishments. I especially want to congratulate the staff and faculty at Rucker Elementary for their stunning 31-point gain.

As anyone who has visited the campus knows, the facilities at Rucker have some quirks. There are almost as many portable classrooms as permanent ones. Instead of a cafeteria, there is a food service area and benches outside on the blacktop. The multi-purpose room can't hold all of the students at the same time. Traffic creates a nightmare every morning and afternoon.

In spite of all the physical issues, the students of Rucker made the largest gains in the district.The future is bright for Rucker. Thanks to the generous voters who passed Measure P, we can expect an extensive modernization program to be completed in the coming years which will solve those physical problems. The Rucker GATE program, which offers all-day immersion classes to gifted and talented children from throughout the district, is a jewel for the district. And now we see that test scores for the Rucker students keep jumping.

Great job to everyone involved. Please keep up the tremendous work; we really appreciate it.
James Pace, Gilroy, proud Rucker parent


Monday, September 21, 2009

Gymnastics Meet #2

This week's gymnastics meet was at Pacific West, in Union City. SKGP was in the Level 4, Junior A age category. There were about 13 girls in the same level and age group.

Floor: 9.025 (3rd place)
Beam: 8.850 (tied for 3rd place)
Vault: 8.825 (12th place)
Bars: 8.725 (4th place)
All Around: 35.425 (4th place)

Great job!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009


RCP took Garbanzo to the vet today, and found that he has a tumor in his mouth.  He probably doesn't have that long.  He's a good kitty.

Sunday, September 13, 2009

Gymnastics Meet #1

SKGP's first gymnastics meet was Friday night (9/11/2009), at the Santa Cruz Begonia Gymfest, in Scotts Valley.

Beam: 1st place (8.925)
Vault: 4th place (9.450)
Bars: 5th place (8.600)
Floor: 7th place (8.525)
All Around: 6th place (35.500)

She had fun, learned a bunch, and did a great job.