Sunday, May 24, 2009

Memorial Day

The following essay by SKGP earned her a second place award and a $50 $75 savings bond:

What does Memorial Day mean to you? Memorial Day is an important day to me for many reasons.

Memorial Day is an important holiday to me. To me it means a special day when we celebrate people who sacrificed their lives to protect us. It is a time to love and be thankful for what we have. I think it is a time to show respect, courtesy, and honor to everyone. I am very thankful for all of the soldiers and everything they have done for us. Memorial Day is a day when you celebrate and remember the soldiers who have fought and died to save our country. I hope that lots of people honor all soldiers who are alive today. Memorial Day reminds me of the flag of the USA because it makes me remember what it was like before we were a free county, and I'm glad we are now. I am so glad many soldiers have gone into the Navy, Army, and the Airforce to help all of the people who live in countries where conflicts are going on. I wish that more people were thankful for people who sacrifice their lives for us. I would like to do something to help when I am old enough to show that I really do care. This is a time to be a respectful and a courteous person.

As you can see Memorial day is important to me for many reasons. I hope that lots more people appreciate how brave all of the soldiers are who have risked their lives for us.

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