Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Principal Prompt #17 - February 27, 2009

Parents are our first and most important teachers. Describe a time when you learned a valuable lesson from one of your parents or another relative who is important to you.

Have you ever learned a lesson from a important person who is relatied to you? Some people learned writing, reading, or sience. I learned how to do math.  When I was four my dad taught me how to do math.  When I asked what math was he said, "Math is when you use numbers to find the total."  When he printed out math problums on a piece of papper the printer went "ch. ch. ch."  The first kind of math he taught me was adition.  It was hard at first, but as I did more and more I got alot better.  Now math is my favorite and best subject. As you can see your parents teach yo important things.  Now you know about what my dad taught me.