Thursday, December 11, 2008

RKCP vs the van

Around 2 o'clock this afternoon, I got a call from a panicing, upset RKCP. She needed me to pick the kids up from school because SHE RAN OUT OF GAS.

Please, feel free to ridicule her in the comments...

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Skgp was in a gymnastics meet. DH did very well and was clearly the best floor routine.
Skgp went to a fancy restaurant with her teacher for winning a reading lottery.
Ejp speaks much better Spanish than me.
I interviewed with my friend Andrew's company Proofpoint for a QA job. I should hear back this week.
Rcp is over-scheduled butthe kids and I are lucky to have her.
Skgp has a piano recital this Saturday. She has picked it up quickly.
Lots of bad news with the economy and especially real estate.
Disneyland trip on January 23.
See Skgp gymnastics videos on you tube.
I finally watched the first lord of re rings movie. It was pretty good.
Being sick stinks. Ask anyone in my family. We've had all kinds of symptoms among us.
Ejp was Boba Fett and skgp was Hannah Montana for Halloween. I had a rat on my shoulder.
Skgp passed a multiplication test three times, so now she's working on division. Great for a third grader.
Ejp calls older kids "graders". He's a kinder.
Ejp likes to collect stuff. Like trash and pencils and money. Another kid gave him a dollar for a lollipop. (not a linder, a grader)
I am a girl scout now. All finger printed and forms submitted. They say I can't wear a sash.
I have done some volunteering at skgp's school, trying to wrangle traffic.
Ejp has a ton of homewrok each week I'm both languages. It's way too much.


Ejp went over to a friend's house for the first time
Today. Apparantly he had a good time an was a good boy. His friend is James from his class.