Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I heart Ken Jennings

Everyone should get hip to Ken Jennings.  He's kind of like me, but smarter, richer, and funnier, plus he watches more TV and movies that I do.  (And he's the guy who won 74 or so games of Jeopardy!)

He has a weekly trivia contest that you can sign up for.  The questions are hard, but interesting and often quirky.  From the answers to one of last week's questions:
5.  Who dated Iola Morton and Callie Shaw?  The Hardy Boys.  Did you know Iola was killed by terrorists in 1987?  No kidding.  Car bomb.  I think that officially ended my childhood.
 Check out http://www.ken-jennings.com/.  His blog is good. To get on the trivia mailing list, go there, select "About Ken", and scroll down to see the box on the left side.

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