Monday, September 22, 2008


A week or so ago (the day before picture day, of course), EJP was in the family room arguing with RCP.  When she asked him to do something, he ran away to escape her.  He misjudged his exit and fell into the corner of the fireplace and whacked his forehead pretty hard.

The wound has healed, but there is a noticable hole.  I think there is a good chance it is going to be there for the rest of his life.

So, E, when you are at a party some day, and someone asks you where that scar came from, you can find out here.

[As always, RCP, you are welcome to revise this post to more accurately reflect reality.  What was the fight about?, I could see future E wondering.]

EJP on bass

Ethan on bass
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EJP and I ended up at Uncle DMP's place after watching Return of the Jedi and having a corn dog. DMP is learning how to play bass.

Friday, September 19, 2008

A Letter to Mom and Dad

September 16, 2008
Dear Mom and Dad,
I love my new school and I like it so much that I'm going to tell you about what we have done in school so far.  We have been doing a lot of cool stuff in math and writing.  The cool things that we have been doing in math are story problums and just a little moltiplacation time tables.  And the cool things that we have been doing in writing are trying to make your writing intrasting so that people will want to listen to your letter.  Well, now you know all of the exciting stuff we have done in school so far.

Talk Like A Pirate Day

It's a little late in the day for you to do anything about it, but if you aren't aware, today is Talk Like A Pirate Day.  So, to you I say, ahoy!  Arrrr!

EJP wore his Pirates of the Carribean shirt, and SKGP wore pantaloons, leather boots, a puffy shirt, a bandana, and an gold hoop earring.
Holy cow, I'm on a lot of social networks. Let's see how I like what does. (Arrr!)

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I heart Ken Jennings

Everyone should get hip to Ken Jennings.  He's kind of like me, but smarter, richer, and funnier, plus he watches more TV and movies that I do.  (And he's the guy who won 74 or so games of Jeopardy!)

He has a weekly trivia contest that you can sign up for.  The questions are hard, but interesting and often quirky.  From the answers to one of last week's questions:
5.  Who dated Iola Morton and Callie Shaw?  The Hardy Boys.  Did you know Iola was killed by terrorists in 1987?  No kidding.  Car bomb.  I think that officially ended my childhood.
 Check out  His blog is good. To get on the trivia mailing list, go there, select "About Ken", and scroll down to see the box on the left side.