Friday, August 22, 2008

First Day of School

Yesterday was the first day of school.  I took SKGP to her school out in the country, and RCP took EJP to his shiny new school near the house.  She's in the third grade GATE program, and he's in the Kindergarten Dual Immersion program.

They both seemed to have fine days.  SKGP knew several people in her class and at the school, and she seems to have enjoyed it.  She took a math test, and was taken down a peg by the speed of some of the other kids.  I think this will be good for her; it took me to my first calculus in college to realize that there were people much, much smarter than me around.

EJP says he likes his teacher.  I don't think he met anyone, but he seemed to know a couple kids.  He told RCP that he didn't finish his lunch because someone sat down at the table with him.  By the end of the day, he'd lost his lunch box, and missed the bus.  I believe the latter was the teacher's fault.

We took them out to dinner to celebrate their accomplishments.

Today is his first day in Spanish.

PS. We locked him out of the house for about 45 minutes last evening, because he consistently acts like a monster.  He still acted like a beast this morning.  He did get to ride the bus this morning, which he was disappointed about missing yesterday.


Our house is chirping with Ned's food.  A bunch of little crickets make a lot of noise.  But Ned sure loves to eat them.