Friday, April 11, 2008

I'm in the paper

Dave Randall, City of Madera director of planning, left, answers questions from residents Jeanie Carigan and Marion Kerswell as developer James Pace looks on at the General Plan update meeting Monday.
Photo by: D.J. Becker / The Madera Tribune

Sunday, April 6, 2008

Even More Pictures of Seattle

Hmm... Picasa isn't letting me post a bunch of pix at once. So here are some more pictures. This is two coffee shops in the same block.

Look, the Space Needle.

Pace t-shirts.

The Science Fiction Museum building is neat-o looking.
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More Seattle Pictures

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Weekend in Seattle

Two weeks ago, RCP and I took a weekend jaunt to Seattle without the kids. We chose Seattle since we could use a free Southwest airlines pass. We walked around a lot. We went to the Science Fiction Museum (next to the Space Needle), and it was cool. We went to Pike's Market. We went to see the band the Presidents of the United States of America, which was fun. And the Seattle Library is incredible.
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The Open Space


Andrew and I went hiking in the open space behind my house last weekend. We climbed from about 400' to about 1800' in two hours, encountered an enormous amount of poison oak, and had a great time. There were no real trails, so it was fun to trailblaze. If there had been no fog, we might have been able to see the ocean from the top. Instead, we scared some cows.
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Nice Boy


"Dad, I love you."

He made similar signs for SKGP and RCP.
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Math Whiz

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