Saturday, January 26, 2008

Dream about jaking

Another dream. This one was complicated. But one of the the interesting parts was when I ran into my friend Andrew. He told me that he was changing one class for another, and he was really excited about this other computer class that he would know be taking.

I looked at him and told him that he was "Jaking on me." He instantly knew what I meant...

Our freshman year of college, Andrew, Jake, and I were all in the same program. The three of us sat together in the back of the various classes, and often weren't the most attentive students in lecture. In fact, Andrew and Jake met when Andrew noticed that Jake was the only person who slept more than him in class. (Don't get the impression that we were complete losers. Jake would finish any test at least 10 minutes before anyone else, and always got good grades. Most of you know how Andrew and I turned out.)

Then one day, in our junior year, Jake started to pay attention during our Electricity and Magnetism class. He stopped reading the newspaper, bought a 4 color clicky pen and took copious multi-colored notes, and sat in the front of the class. He went on to become a very good radio engineer. Something pretty early in that class grabbed him.

If I recall correctly, the non-dream Andrew jaked when he took the Computer Architecture class, which he followed up with the graduate level course.

I don't know if I ever jaked. Perhaps in the OS class, or working at Tandem. I know at some point I became a filesystem geek and a Unix afficianado.

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