Saturday, September 15, 2007

EJP Update

9/5/2007: EJP just counted to 49, with only a little help in three places. Pretty amazing.

Since school began after labor day, his pre-reading skills have really taken off. (RCP: Provide details!)

He is taking a Spanish class after school on Tuesdays. The teacher said that he is doing well in it, which makes me believe RCP that he's got an ear for language. We are plotting on getting him in the dual immersion Spanish/English program at his future school. [M, do you have advice on how to raise a polyglot?]

9/15/2007: Today, we went to the park near our house. SKGP rode my scooter, and EJP rode his bike, and I walked. The training wheels on his bike are a bit tweaked (since I put it together), with one side higher up, so he's got a wicked angle when riding. There is a sidewalk around the play structure at the park, and he rode around and around it. After a while, I could see him balancing for a second or three. When he falls over, he very calmly puts his foot down and stands up and doesn't hurt himself.

If we devote some time to it, I'm sure he is going to be riding a two wheeler soon (way ahead of his sister).

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