Monday, June 25, 2007


Uncle DMP returned from Australia the other week. He brought a neat, hand painted boomerang for SKGP, and a petrified shark tooth for EJP.

This tooth lived in a pre-historic shark, then survived for 60 million years, then a trans-Pacific flight. It was broken the next day. Kids, don't put fossils in plastic boxes and shake them.

For his 4th birthday last week, Gram's friend Robin gave EJP a neat bug specimen in a viewing box. That night, EJP dumped the bug outside. We have a "no bug in the house" policy, and we encourage him to let the bugs go before they die, so I guess this should have been an expected outcome.

For his birthday, he also got his first Nerf gun (I made sure it works by shooting Uncle DMP), and a helmet that looks like Optimus Prime (the Transformer) that modulates his voice, and a bike, and some other cool stuff. Boys get more fun toys than girls. I can't wait until he's a little older.

PS: My editor informs me that the bug specimen was from last year.

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