Sunday, April 15, 2007

Ant Farm

The ants for the ant farm finally arrived on Thursday. On Friday, the kids got back from spring break in La Canada. So that night, we opened the tube of ants and dumped them into the life sustaining gel that is the heart of the ant farm.

A pile of rolled up bugs plopped out into the colony. I quickly put the lid on, so none would escape. After a few minutes, several of the ants were crawling around confusedly. At the center of the space was a pile of carcases. I remained hopeful that they were in some sort of ant suspended animation. One of them twitched.

A day later, only 5 ants were moving. The twitching one twitched occasionally, but no real motion. Today, I removed the "sleeping" ants, since they slumbered very deeply.

Five lousy ants! I thinkI sent a check for $6 for shipping, back in January. And I get 5 lousy ants in April.

These ants don't seem to want to dig the fabulous ant tunnels that the box promises, either. They just congregate at the end and try to climb out.

They better get organized and do some tunneling, or they might get to meet some local ants and see which are the better fighters.

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