Saturday, March 24, 2007

Princess Battle

Wired just added a blog called GeekDad which has fun posts about things to do with kids that use some geek skills. One of the posts was about stop motion movies.

(Another was learning how to say your name backwards, which I'm working on.)


  1. I would have liked that movie better if the princesses just ignored the prince and kept kissing. Which is a healthier message for your child, after all -- "Girls should fight each other for the attention of a dude in tights" or "It's okay to be lesbian if you're super-femmy"?

  2. What can I say? The director had a vision.

    I thought after the fight Sleeping Beauty should have just walked away.

  3. Whaddayamean? The PRINCE should have just walked away. DURING the fight ("Crazy beeyotches!").

    I mean, seriously -- most of my male friends would bail out in one hot minute if a couple of girls had a big catfight over him. I expect no less from my action figures.