Saturday, February 24, 2007

First Hike of 2007

Last Sunday, Andrew and I went for a hike at Henry Coe. Neither of us had ever gone in from a Gilroy entrance, so we parked at Hunting Hollow and started up. We walked about 12.5 miles, in about 7 hours.

Coe is well known for its brutal trails -- they don't mess around with switchbacks on hills, they just make you go straight up. So, in a short time we went from the parking lot at 860 ft to 2600 ft.

On the top of the ridge, near Mount Wilson, we had a nice lunch of Triscuits and salami, and home made cookies.

The most interesting place on the trek was Wilson Camp, which is an old house, an outhouse, two ramshackle trailers, and a broken down barn.

It was very nice to get outside and spend some time with a friend, and leave stress behind for a while. My feet got a little stressed, but by Wednesday, I was walking fine.

I carried my GPS with me, so I was able to import the trip into Google Earth. I'll try to post an image of it... You can see the pictures I took on the trail here.

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