Sunday, January 21, 2007

Girl Scout Cookies!

SKGP is a Brownie, which means she gets to sell Girl Scout Cookies.

I am making a shameless plug. If you would like to buy some, let me know. Don't tell RKCP (the den mother) because she doesn't think the parents should do this kind of thing, and she doesn't believe in the power of the internet.

I am so looking forward to my thin mints. Mmm .. thin mints.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

Family Movie Night

Last night, we decided to have a family movie night. We popped some popcorn (which RCP laced with mini-M&Ms) and put on Cars. We watched it upstairs on the kids' small TV, since our family room TV has the habit of collapsing into a sigle line.

It was a nice experience that would make a nice recurring event.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

SKGP Christmas Wish

The kids came by work for our Christmas open house. While they were here, SKGP wrote on my whiteboard:
For Chrictmas I want a Aril hair slon and I want a Amaricin Girl move with a pritty nekles.
For the record, she did not get the Arielle hair salon, an American Girl movie, or a pretty necklace. Now I can erase the board.

Tuesday, January 2, 2007

Citizen Kane II: Rosebud's Revenge

"It's the Citizen Kane of talking pig movies. " - Review of the (great) movie Babe.

Over the holidays, we took the kids to see the new Charlotte's Web. It was really good. I had recently read the book with SKGP, and the movie was pretty faithful (except the addition of a couple of funny crows that worked well). Your kids will love it.

Not much to say; I just wanted to tell everyone my movie review quote.

Family History: Eric Pace

My Uncle Eric sent the book Glen Margaret by Anita Crathorne Legalley (Glen Margaret Publishing, 2004) to my dad.

It has a short chapter on the Pace family, including a family tree back to Thomas Pace, born in 1775. The Paces originally came from England to the USA and then on to Nova Scotia.

Thomas begat Ebenezer Pace [b. 1/28/1809]. Ebenezer begat William T. Pace [b. 1834] . William begat Joseph Lawson Pace [b 6/9/1863]. Joseph begat Eric Bleasdale Pace [b. 1897]. My grandfather (who we called Granddad) had (Uncle) Eric William Pace and GMP (who is now known as Granddad), who had DMP and yours truly, who had SKGP and EJP.

Here is a passage that talks about my grandfather's life:
Eric Pace was born in 1897 in Glen Margaret. He left school at 13 to help his father and brother run the meat business in Halifax. I don't think they had very much of a childhood; there was no time to play as their father was very strict and they had to work very hard as times were tough. Eric would drive a team of horses with the wagons filled with meat along the old road by Woodens bridge and out to Hubley on the Bay road. Their father would go to Antigonish and buy carloads of cattle and ship them to Richmond station in Halifax. I cannot imagine those boys driving the cattle through the streets of Halifax, ducking trolley coaches, dogs and heavens knows what else to get them to the Bay road and home. In 1921, they bought a truck and said goodbye to the old horse and wagon.

When Eric was 29 years old he moved to the United States, first to Walthrom and then to Taunton, where we worked as a meat cutter for four and a half years. He returned to Nova Scotia in 1930 and bought out the Dauphinee business in Hackett's Cove.

Eric's brother Bruce continued with the butchery business in Glen Margaret and had a truck that delivered meat to this area from the Head of St. Margaret's Bay to Dover. I remember going up to the butcher shop to buy meat for my mother and stopping to talk to Mrs. Pace; she made the best sugar cookies I've ever eaten.
There is a picture captioned "Hon. Leonard Pace, Nova Scotia Attorney General (1974)".

The book also has a chapter about the Crathorne Dance Hall, where my parents met. For the benefit of Google Earth version of my family history, it was "located across from #10369 Peggy's Cove Road."

My mom (you know, Nana) has done lots more research on the family tree. Mom, you should start a family history blog, and tell all the stories you know.

I wanted to copy this section of the book, in case this book goes out of print and becomes lost to time. Apologies to the author.