Sunday, December 10, 2006

Trader Joe's Mania Hits South Valley

Ripped from the headlines:

Gilroy Dispatch, December 9, 2006
Big crowds show support for specialty grocer

Much to the delight of many, Trader Joe's is finally open. After years of longing by residents and eight months of plans and construction, the specialty food chain opened it's doors to loyal South County shoppers Friday morning.


"Obviously it's very popular," said [RKCP], a Gilroy nutritionist, who added spinach and curry sauces to her cart. "I was amazed to pull into the (117-space) parking lot after 9am and see it was already packed."

I expect a letter to the editor asking for a correction: She is a dietitian, not a nutritionist. I'm a little worried that I have spinach to look forward to soon.


  1. Don't worry, it was spinach SAUCE. Should I request a correction on that, too?

  2. I don't know -- I'm a little sceptical of spinach sauce. How would that be served?

  3. You've had it before...and you LIKE it (garbanzo beans and broccoli).