Sunday, December 10, 2006

Christmas Party

Last night, we had a Christmas party at PaceHouse 2.0. It was fun. There was lots of good food, some tasty drinks, and lots of fun conversation. And it showed that Trader Joe's in Morgan Hill is a very good thing.

We experienced the offical drink of South Africa (with a name I've forgotten), which is amarula (marula fruit cream) and creme de menthe. It was a very yummy gold and green shooter.

The attendees were:
  • Andrew and Tammi
  • Arielle and Catalina
  • Erik, Sheryl, and Dylan
  • Faith and Pierre
  • David and Rebecca
  • Pallavi
  • JEP, RKCP, SKGP, and EJP
I used the Champagne Sabre on a bottle of Kirkland Champagne. What else could you ask for in a party?


  1. How did the champagne saber work? I'm always vaguely frightened by those things... I keep imagining glass flying everywhere. Did R make you go outside to use it?

  2. Oh yes, you do it outside. The top sails pretty far, perhaps 10 feet.

    It is very cool and fun to cut a bottle open. It makes one feel very manly.

  3. If we bring champagne next time we visit you, will you show it off? And if so, does it have to be Kirkland champagne? Because we don't belong to Costco -- our house isn't big enough.