Sunday, December 3, 2006

Christmas Disaster '06

My family has a couple Christmas traditions. We always watch A Christmas Story at least once. We open stockings as a group in the morning, and all sing "Ri-Co-La" when the cough drops arrive. We also have an annual Christmas disaster.

Once, we put the turkey in the little dorm fridge. The little door to the ice area was open, and so the turkey was found frozen solid on Christmas morning. A scouting party eventually found a turkey at the bowling alley restaurant.

Once, the garbage disposal got clogged up, and the sink filled up.

Once, mom was taken to the emergency room, just in case.

Tonight, our giant tree fell over as we ate dinner. The stand we have might not be able to handle a tree this big. So, I'm off to Target to see if there is a stand that can handle something this big.

I hope that this counts as the Christmas disaster for 2006.

Family, please post comments of the other disasters that I've forgotten....

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  1. I can remember one year when the tree collapsed during the annual distribution of gifts. Our tree (usually artificial) until the younger set demanded we go trudging through the woods to look for the "best tree in the forest" which was always too tall for Dad and never tall enough for Mom, was always assembled by three quarters of the family. However, the one-quarter non-participant was the one who did the most grumbling when the tree collapsed. I must remind the young family man that raising a family requires endless patience and a whole lot of humour.

    Also, one of the long-time familiar ornaments on the family tree was a red bird with a long pheasant-like tail. This ornament soometimes caused a tree crash at night by Mittens and Wellington.