Tuesday, October 3, 2006

Dad's Day

We had a corporate holiday yesterday, I believe due to Rosh Hoshanna. As usual when I have a seemingly random day off of work, RCP has to go to work that day and SKGP has school, so we don't do fun stuff; I get to be the parent in charge.

My day went something like this...

7:00 AM - Get kids ready to go. Luckily, RCP helped.
8:20 AM - Get SKGP to school
8:30 AM - Get EJP to school

Come home, make a couple work calls, get the library books, return them, go to Costco for batteries and antivirus protection (and a new TV). Bring stuff home and unload the car. TVs are heavy.

11:30 AM - Pick up EJP from school

Feed him lunch (quesadillas and milk). Put him down for a nap. Spend some time fitzing with my iPod (great invention -- you should have one). Process some work email. Watch some TV with EJP, post-nap.

2:20 PM - Pick up SKGP and Kiley from school

Bring the trio of kids home and give them a cookie or two. They play for a while, until EJP hits Kiley, which forces me to bring him down with me.

3:30 PM - Drop SKGP and Kiley off at religious education

Drive to Morgan Hill to pick up my dry cleaning and get gas. EJP falls asleep in the car for a bit.

4:45 PM - Pick up SKGP from religious education

Go home. RCP is home. We have dinner and go for a walk. We fight with SKGP about reading. They go to sleep, we watch TV until sleep.

Now, I'm up at 4:45 AM to go to a 9:00 AM meeting in Bakersfield.

All in all, it was fun but very busy.

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