Sunday, September 24, 2006


EJP is potty trained.

Last week, he had a doctor's appointment. Dr. Pitts told him that he shouldn't have any more diapers or pull-ups.

We've had some accidents, but we are definitely seeing results. Today, he went #2 all by himself unprompted. He has been dry for 36 hours or so. If he make it 3 days, he gets a cool new dinosaur. Yesterday, we got him some Power Rangers underwear, which he loves.


Back to School Night

We met with SKGP's teachers at back to school night.

For the most part, I was right that the combined program is a hack to get around attendance requirements. However, there is some advantage, too.

She arrives to Ms. Johnston's (combo 1 & 2) class in the morning, then after roll is sent to Mrs Osborne's (1st grade) class, where she stays until 1:30 or so. At that time, she regroups with the combo class for enrichment. The enrichment programs include PE, math, creative writing, and social studies. They do two day programs (MT or RF) and then rotate to the next teacher.
(Therefore, she spends about 2 hours with Ms. Johnston every 3.5 weeks.)

So, for the most part, she's a first grader, but she's doing the enrichement programs with second grade teachers and working at the second grade level for an hour four days a week.

She also gets to go on both first and second grade field trips, which sounds pretty good to me.

Swab the Decks!

It was at Costco. So, of course we had to get it. (I wanted the Kirkland Vodka, but some people just don't believe in the miracle of Costco and its brands like I do.)

We now have an electronic slave scrubbing our floors for us. That's right, we're the proud owners of a Roomba. And it is awesome. It is picking up tons of cat hair (a truly frightening amount of cat hair) and other detritus that is filling our house. One might think the Roomba was just a toy, but it really does clean up, and leave the nice vacuum lines on the carpet (in a completely random order).

It is driving the cats nuts. Especially Garbanzo -- He tries stalking it, but flees at the slightest provocation. I hope he adapts to our new friend.

Monday, September 4, 2006

How to Teach Bike Riding

This guy details how to teach a child how to ride a two wheeler. So, now I know.

A Couple Milestones When Dad Is In Charge

RKCP had to work today, so I was left to fend for myself with the kids. Things went pretty well -- perhaps I'm capable of dealing with my spawn afterall.

We started the day with a bunch of TV. (So, I'm not a great parent..) The usual faire of Dragon Tales and Aladdin, plus the movie Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (the Johnny Depp version). Then we went to McDonalds. (OK, I'm a bad parent.)

After lunch and a trip to Target (where I bribed them with candy and princess junk), we came home and put the Boy down for a nap. While he slept, SKGP and I played Aggrevation and a little catch.

Then, I took the training wheels off of her bike. I don't know how to teach her how to balance on a bike, and she didn't pick it up instantly. But she did pretty well; we had a 3 second run where I didn't touch the bike.

Eventually, RKCP came home and we went out to dinner at Mamma Mia's.

We came home, and as part of the bedtime ritual, EJP sat on the potty. He's pretty good at going pee, but tonight he got some poop out. Hooray! I hope this is a major step forward.