Saturday, August 19, 2006

The New School Year

We got a notice in the mail today that SKGP will be in a combined First / Second grade class this year. That's all we know.

Hopefully, it isn't the second graders who can't hack school. It seems unlikely they would be a good influence. However, this might be a nice opportunity to challenge her, which I think would be beneficial.

Does anyone know anything about the successes and problems with combined programs?


  1. You were in a combination 4/5 class one year as I recall, at that little Christian school in Morgan Hill. Remember? The one where I left you the day of the big earthquake because everything seemed in order to me.


  2. Nope, I wasn't. Mr. Hynek was 5, and Mrs Spain was 6.

    So the roof of the building collapsed. Mom comes by and sees that I'm ok, then takes off.

    That was the first school I attended that was destroyed by earth quake. Monte Vista, my high school, was at the epicenter of the Loma Prieta quake. We got at least a week off, and then we were all jammed into dorm rooms for classes, since the main building was unsafe.

  3. So, what am I, a building inspector? The sun was shining, the kids were all playing outside -- no problem. It must have been 3/4.

  4. In my experience, the success of a combined grade level class, like every other kind of class, depends mostly on the teacher. Hope Sloane gets a great teacher!

  5. I was in a combined 1/2 class as a second grader so clearly it's for the very best...

    John's mom basically wrote her doctorate on this so you can grill her over lunch on Sunday.