Sunday, June 4, 2006

Another Trip To The Hospital

I think I've used that title before.

Nana took the kids down to Santa Barbara to see Aunt M. This is the first time Nana has gotten out in many weeks, due to her foot surgery. She picked the kids up on Friday after the Rod's Trod, and they are scheduled to return on Monday, since neither has school on Monday.

They arrived Friday night without problems.

The kids called us on Saturday afternoon to say hello. They went to the beach. EJP wanted to touch the water, but I couldn't tell if he did.

Later that evening, as RCP and I were relaxing on our new porch, my cell phone rings. It's Nana. EJP had gotten into her medicine. They couldn't tell if anything was missing. EJP said one of the medicines tasted bad.

We advise they call poison control. Poison control advises them to go to the hospital for observation.

At the hospital, they give EJP activated charcoal mixed with apple juice. He liked drinking black apple juice. He was worried that it would stain. They have him on a couple monitors to make sure he's okay.

At 3AM, Nana calls to tell us they are going home, after 6 hours of observation.

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  1. Any other kid on making a trip to the hospital is a little frightened and subdued. Not our Ethan/Nathan. He is flying high. After going swimming (without a diaper and no accident because he has been forewarned about almost imminent death or worse if that should happen) he comes back to Aunt Mycki's, gets out of his wet bathing suit in the bathroom, immediately adjourns to his bedroom where he pees on the white carpet. This causes great consternation when it is discovered. To Nana's great distress (and tears on both Ethan, Sloane and Nana's parts) the park is ruled out for Nana and Ethan -- by Nana. Off go Sloane and Aunt Mycki, with the proviso that if Ethan behaves himself for the rest of that day, we would all go to the park and the merry-go-round the following day (Monday) before we returned home. Well, within about two minutes after that statement was made, we no longer had to entertain that thought, and the only one disappointed was Sloane.

    After breakfast at the beach the next day, we packed up the car, fastened Ethan into his car seat and headed for home. The only easy part about the trip was the coming down and going back. And like everthing, it was an adventure.