Monday, May 29, 2006

Traffic Jam

We are driving home from LA right now. thw trip has been uneventful and things have been flowing fine.

until we got on 152. we got ober the mountain ok. but at BELLS STATION, stop and go traffic began. that's a couuple miles east of casa de fruta

Saturday, May 27, 2006

The Sad Saga of a Cheap Airplane Toy

Tomorrow is the Regatta. I need a boat. I'm thinking something airplane themed, due to my recent airline adventures.

We went to BigLots! and found a cheap plane. It cost $1.99. There were other planes that looked better, but they were $3.99. We bought the cheap one. It had a spring loaded laucher. You put the springy pole through a hole in the fuselage, then pulled the trigger and it would lauch.

Once it was paid for, I opened it. It was far cheaper than I imagined it could possible be. The fuselage was a thin layer of plastic over nothing. The nose had foam to protect it during rough landings. Underneath the foam was nothing. The wings were thick paper scotch taped on. So was the tail.

I shot my hand a couple of times in the car. It didn't hurt, so I shot RKCP from close range. I wanted it to go a little farther, so I extended my arm and took aim.

I have bad aim. RKCP's window was open.

The plane soared majestically into traffic.

Now what am I going to do for a boat?

Friday, May 19, 2006

Right and Wrong

Since we started flying and I've discovered more about the amazing program that is Google Earth, I've been carrying along my GPS.

After a trip, I can download the info into Google Earth and see exactly where I went. That can be useful in the real estate business.

In this exhibit, the blue line is the landing from a trip to Sacramento earlier this week.

The red line is last night's return to earth. I must have had the GPS in my pocket when walking back to the terminal, so you don't get to see our meanderings. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, May 10, 2006

My First Flight

I drove a plane for the first time last week.

It's probably not called driving, but what do I know? The real pilot let me take the yoke. I wagged the wings a bit, but mostly didn't do anything interesting. My passengers probably would not have looked favorably on more entertaining maneuvers.

On that flight, coming home from Phoenix, I learned a bunch about the mechanics of flying. It was very interesting and enjoyable. I might see about taking some flying lessons, so I can fly for real. It has real appeal to the geek in me -- lots of buttons to push and thinking to do.

I was crying, Mom

I was crying, Mom.

When were you crying? I dont know.

Why were you crying? I don't know.

I was crying because I wanted you, Mom.

Miss Esperanza told me "Shhh!"

Was it rest time? Yes.

Were you making noise? Some of my friends were making noise too.

Mom, tomorrow, you tell Miss Esperanza not to tell me "Shhh", ok? I didn't like it.

That's A Good Hole

DMP dug his first hole.

We had a tree that needed planting. DMP was here, and we started digging. The soil around here is very thick clay, which is a real headache to scrape through. But he used pick-axe, shovel, and muscles to make a large hole.

That's a good hole.


There's a frog on our bedroom window. It's small and cute. And its attached to our window.

That kind of thing didn't happen in San Jose. Well, except for the opossum.