Saturday, April 22, 2006

Pik 'n Save Nuts

We were saved by Pik-N-Save, again.

The company is now called Big Lots! (with "!", of course). But that's not important.

I spent an hour wandering around Lowe's today, trying to find the right bolt and nut to attach our new Target headboard to our bed. I found some nice 1/4" diameter 2.5" bolts, and the corresponding stop nuts.

Well, it turns out I had no idea what a stop nut is. For those of you similarly uninformed, this is a nut that goes on the bolt a little way, then stops. It doesn't screw down tight.

Rather than going back to the store to try again, I decided to see if I had something appropriate in the garage. A couple hours of tidying and organizing later, I uncovered an old package of miscellaneous fasteners in a yellowing Pik-N-Save package. RKCP's grandmother had several boxes of random stuff like this, and they are now in our garage.

In it were some square nuts. Square nuts. What the heck? They fit my bolts. So, how do you hold a square nut to tighten? I found a socket that fit over it, and turned. Good luck to me when I need to detach the headboard.

The headboard looks good, especially with our new matching bedside tables.

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  1. I think Grandma Alice is smilling down at us right now, remembering all the times we teased her about holding on to all that miscellaneous stuff.