Friday, April 7, 2006


It started around 3. I wanted some pie. I described some of the potential pies I wanted. Heaping fresh strawberry; sweet peaches; pecan. A la mode. Heated, so hot it burns.

At 5, we found that Red Robin doesn't have pie. They have Mud Pie. We could go to Denny's or Harris Ranch. We didn't.

At 10, we pulled into McDonalds. They only had one apple pie left. I wanted two to share with my brother. They only had one. I took it.

While waiting for DMP to eat his chicken sandwich, I looked over the receipt and noticed they charged me $1 for the single pie. The deal is Two Pies for a Dollar, and I was unhappy.

The clerk tried to tell me that they were $1 each.

My point was that since I wanted two pies, and they were unable to deliver on the bargain, the "sale" price should still hold. I was willing to uphold my end of the deal, but they couldn't hold up theirs. Why should I pay for their mistake?

Eventually, the manager stepped in and gave me $0.50 to make me go away. DMP thought I was crazy.

We shared the pie, and drove home.

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