Saturday, December 10, 2005

A Sick Car

I was driving the kids home from Nana's on Wednesday, and the Cadillac's control panel said "Low Oil Pressure. Stop Engine." I drove the little way home, so I didn't have to deal with a tow truck and two kids past their bedtime.

I called the mechanic, and he said that low oil pressure is a bad thing.

On Friday, I started driving to the mechanic's shop, hoping that I could make it before the message came on again. I got two miles from home, and it came on. So I stopped and waited for the tow truck.

Smitty, the family's mechanic, told me that they would try replacing the oil pump, for about $400. If that doesn't fix it, you throw the car away and get a new one. He's of the opinion that the car isn't worth putting several thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Let's hope that the oil pump fixes it. Our last payment on the Sienna is this month, and I was looking forward to not having a car payment.

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