Saturday, December 17, 2005

Our First Broken Bone

EJP broke his collar bone. How? When? We have no idea.

On Wednesday night, he made a comment about his arm being broken, but he says a lot of things. On Friday at gymnastics, it became clear to RCP that something wasn't right, as he was not using his left arm at all. He didn't complain of pain, he just didn't use it.

They headed off to the doctor, and X-ray showed a break. What can they do about a broken clavicle? Not much...

He's supposed to keep the arm in a sling for two weeks. After two days, its pretty clear that the sling won't do all that it is supposed to do, since he keeps taking his arm out. He really is acting like nothing is wrong.

It's freaking me out -- I'm afraid I'm going to jostle the bone and hurt him. But he's running around like a madman, as usual.

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