Saturday, December 17, 2005

Creamy Skin

The spots are gone, and so is the strep throat. Only one child to the doctor at a time, please.

The Car

By the way, the car survived its ordeal. After much digging, Smitty found a jagged hunk of metal in the engine. A galley plug (?) came out and was chewed up by something. Without the plug, the oil wasn't getting to the places it needs to be.

He replaced the plug and did some other stuff and the car is now running.

Was it worth $1500? We shall see. If the car lasts more than a couple of months, then I figure we're doing ok. Since the payment on a new car would probably be $500 a month.

Our First Broken Bone

EJP broke his collar bone. How? When? We have no idea.

On Wednesday night, he made a comment about his arm being broken, but he says a lot of things. On Friday at gymnastics, it became clear to RCP that something wasn't right, as he was not using his left arm at all. He didn't complain of pain, he just didn't use it.

They headed off to the doctor, and X-ray showed a break. What can they do about a broken clavicle? Not much...

He's supposed to keep the arm in a sling for two weeks. After two days, its pretty clear that the sling won't do all that it is supposed to do, since he keeps taking his arm out. He really is acting like nothing is wrong.

It's freaking me out -- I'm afraid I'm going to jostle the bone and hurt him. But he's running around like a madman, as usual.

Sunday, December 11, 2005


SKGP has spots.

It appears that she is allergic to penicillin and the like.

Saturday, December 10, 2005

I did want to write a blog

EJP uses the contraction amn't all the time. I don't know where he could have picked it up, so I think he must have figured out the rules of contractions, and come up with it. It is a very reasonable assumption to make. There is "can not ==> can't" and "are not ==> aren't", so why not "am not ==> amn't"? I think this is the contraction of the future; just you wait.

He also throws forms of to do into his speech very regularly. For example, "I did want to jump out of the car," and "I do want to have a treat." To any linguists reading this, is there a term for this emphatic way of speaking? It's very cute to hear.

A Sick Car

I was driving the kids home from Nana's on Wednesday, and the Cadillac's control panel said "Low Oil Pressure. Stop Engine." I drove the little way home, so I didn't have to deal with a tow truck and two kids past their bedtime.

I called the mechanic, and he said that low oil pressure is a bad thing.

On Friday, I started driving to the mechanic's shop, hoping that I could make it before the message came on again. I got two miles from home, and it came on. So I stopped and waited for the tow truck.

Smitty, the family's mechanic, told me that they would try replacing the oil pump, for about $400. If that doesn't fix it, you throw the car away and get a new one. He's of the opinion that the car isn't worth putting several thousand dollars worth of repairs.

Let's hope that the oil pump fixes it. Our last payment on the Sienna is this month, and I was looking forward to not having a car payment.

Sunday, December 4, 2005

It's Curtains For You

The walls are painted, the book cases are built, installed, and filled, and the curtains are up.

The computer room is looking good. Light blue and dark brown (chocolate?) do look good together.


Oh yeah, SKGP has strep throat. On Friday afternoon, near the end of the school day, she started feeling terrible. RCP picked her up, took a look at her, took her temperature (101.4 degrees in her armpit), and took her to the doctor.

The antibiotics are working their magic, and ibuprofin is a pretty miraculous too. She is acting like her normal self, and will go back to school tomorrow.

The neighbor kid in SKGP's calls, Jake, was out on Thursday with a fever. When we told them about the strep, they decided that he's going to the doctor tomorrow.

Christmas Lights

Yesterday we put up the Christmas lights. It was (hopefully) more difficult this year, since we had to figure out where they go and attach the hardware. We went with simple icicle lights from the front door, to the front of the house, across the copper thingy, and around the single garage door.

To attach to the copper thingy, we used stick on hooks. They are a great idea; I hope they work and don't all fall off.

I think it looks pretty good.

I need a tall ladder. Things in this house are high.