Friday, October 21, 2005

Impulse Shopping

My brother, DMP, has now joined the business. Two days into it, he's still breathing, even though it has been crazy. For example, yesterday, we had a 4 hour meeting followed immediately by a 2 hour meeting, followed immediately by a 2.5 hour drive and council meeting and a return drive. Whew!

It may not surprise you that my brother and I have different approached to many things. He always looks good; I rarely do (I mean, what's going on with my hair?). At the council meeting, one of the female councilmembers commented on his socks and tie. I guarantee, nothing like that will ever happen to me. Unless I'm wearing a Disney tie or something.

But, it turns out, DMP is crazy. After the meeting, at 10 PM in Coalinga, he decided he needed to buy some motor oil. Does he have a leak? No. Does he have any reason to think he's going to need oil? No. Does the stop-n-rob in Coalinga have cheap oil (or gas)? Definitely not.

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