Saturday, October 8, 2005

Giant Pregnant Spiders

RCP just killed a giant spider.

She was mostly blind in bed, and she saw a spider running across the room on the other side. That means it is big.

So, she grabs a tissue to get it. It noticed her and ran the other way, but she got it. Then she looked at the tissue, and it was swarming with tiny spiders. Then the mommy spider ran away.

She quickly grabbed it and flushed it.

It was crazy and frightening.


  1. RCP is a very brave person. No one I know would touch a spider. One I know even lifts his cat up to the ceiling to attack crawlies.

  2. A big black spider appeared in the sink this morning. Dad to the rescue! He crushed it and put it in the disposal, and then ran it with hot water for five minutes.