Friday, October 21, 2005

Cricket Season

A month or two ago, we were going to a Council meeting in Coalinga. We stopped for dinner at the Red Robin restaurant near Harris Ranch, off of I-5. On the door was a sign that read something like "Please excuse our crickets.". And sure enough, there were crickets all over the restaurant. Strange.

So we get to the council chambers, and sure enough, crickets were hopping around the room during the session.

No one said anything or acted like this was out of the ordinary.

The next trip down, two weeks later, there was no sign of crickets.

Impulse Shopping

My brother, DMP, has now joined the business. Two days into it, he's still breathing, even though it has been crazy. For example, yesterday, we had a 4 hour meeting followed immediately by a 2 hour meeting, followed immediately by a 2.5 hour drive and council meeting and a return drive. Whew!

It may not surprise you that my brother and I have different approached to many things. He always looks good; I rarely do (I mean, what's going on with my hair?). At the council meeting, one of the female councilmembers commented on his socks and tie. I guarantee, nothing like that will ever happen to me. Unless I'm wearing a Disney tie or something.

But, it turns out, DMP is crazy. After the meeting, at 10 PM in Coalinga, he decided he needed to buy some motor oil. Does he have a leak? No. Does he have any reason to think he's going to need oil? No. Does the stop-n-rob in Coalinga have cheap oil (or gas)? Definitely not.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Damn cool illusion

Damn cool illusion

That's frickin cool.

It's Steel Grey

Happy Sukkot. Today and yesterday are Jewish high holy days, so I'm not at work.

Yesterday, we packed the kids off to their respective schools, and had a leisurely breakfast at Panera.

Once that was complete, we went to Lowe's and bought some paint and supplies. Short story shorter, the computer room is now baby blue. I mean steel grey. Or some sort of pale blue grey combination. While I might not have picked the color by myself, it does go well with the first of our soon to be several Ikea bookcases (dark brown stain, and bigger than the one shown).

RCP was appalled that I had never painted a room before. It turns out that I'm not very good at it; I don't use enough paint and I'm too scared of screwing up.

Today, E and I went to lunch, then picked up S from school, and are hanging out around the house. I did put up some new shelves in the garage.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Completed Book: Getting Things Done

Title: Getting Things Done
Author: David Allen
Date Finished: 10/13/05

I came across this book based on the popular list at All the geeks seem to be into the GTD philosophy for managing stuff. Basically, you keep a bunch of lists.

Let's see if I can get my life organized using these techniques...

Since my webserver is down until further notice, I guess I'll put my completed books here until I can update the official list.

Monday, October 10, 2005


The word of the day is Herbaceutical.

Oh wait, that's not a word, that's a stupid Avon commercial.

Saturday, October 8, 2005

Giant Pregnant Spiders

RCP just killed a giant spider.

She was mostly blind in bed, and she saw a spider running across the room on the other side. That means it is big.

So, she grabs a tissue to get it. It noticed her and ran the other way, but she got it. Then she looked at the tissue, and it was swarming with tiny spiders. Then the mommy spider ran away.

She quickly grabbed it and flushed it.

It was crazy and frightening.

Arts and Wine

Today was the first annual Gilroy Arts and Wine Festival, at Christmas Hill Park. It was quite small, especially compared to the Sunnyvale and Mountain View equivalents that we have attended in the past. But, in general, that's a good thing.

There were maybe 6 local wineries present, and Coast Range Brewery, the local beer maker.
Of course, there was the obligatory peddlers, but maybe 15 booths. There was a crafts area for the kids, which was a hit with S and E. Live music. An art gallery, which I didn't get to see.

the kids enjoyed playing on the swings and stuff that are a part of the park.

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