Saturday, July 23, 2005

Little Girls

Today was the birthday party.

SKGP (Belle)'s friends Olivia (Annaliese from Barbie's Prince and the Pauper), Audrey (Erika from the same), Diana (Belle), Ariana (Snow White), Claire (Cinderella), Brendan (a knight) were here, as well as EJP and Baby Claire. The adults included Gram and Pop, Nana and Grandad, Uncle D, Aunt M, and the moms of the kids (and Crystal, an older sister).

I dressed in my prince costume and announced the kids as they arrived. They then walked on the red carpet into the family room.

The girls ran around and played in the castle tent, played in SKGP's room, and basically ran around screaming. They had some snacks and Princess Punch. They worked on making edible jewelery, with Fruit Loops and Twizzlers.

Next was the pinata. It looked like a nice fairy pricncess, but she was a lot tougher than she looked. Eventually, Granddad tore her apart and stood back as the swarming hoardes dove for the candy within.

The swarm then quickly destroyed the wrapping of the presents. SKGP got an amazing collection of goodies, including a disco ball and a swanky jacket.

The castle cake fell before the teeming masses.

Eventually, everyone went home.

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  1. Posted by Nana The Party
    24/07/2005, 22:20

    The party was really delightful. All the little princesses were so cute. I forgot how much fun it is to dress up and get lots of presents. It is such fun to see Sloane grow and change each year -- and very sad too. This year with Kindergarten will mark another phase in the growing up process. Sloane, I love you. Nana