Thursday, July 14, 2005


Today, Dad and I flew into San Diego to visit the Imperial Valley. San Diego was full -- we had a hard time getting a flight down, we were unable to get a flight home, we had trouble getting a car and then had to wait about 45 minutes to get it. It seems the trouble is due to ComicCon, which sounds like something I'd like to go to.

Anyway, we finally get the car and head to Old Town for dinner. According to the white Ford Explorer, it was a perfect 75 degrees. While I didn't have the opportunity to get the giant margarita, I did enjoy my meal.

Finally, we hopped on I-8 East and began the 120 mile trek. After a mishap with a tire sensor, we crossed the mountain range and began the descent into the Imperial Valley.

The temperature climbed to around 90 degrees in the mountains. In the desert valley floor, the temperature quickly rose to 100, then 105, then 110, and peaked at 112 degrees. Did I mention that this was at 7 PM? Lord only knows what tomorrow holds for us -- I suspect I'm going to experience a new personal high temp.

Interstingly, once we crossed the first canal which marks the beginning of the agricultural region, the temperature dropped very quickly to 105.

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