Saturday, July 23, 2005

Heat (Part 3)

I would have expected this article to be about my second trip to Imperial Valley this week.

After all, it was hot. Our crappy Impala didn't have a thermometer, but I think the temperature was around 109. Also, it was humid. A hurricane is running around the Gulf of Mexico, and its influences made Imperial humid and sticky. 109 and humid is worse than 117.

But no, this post isn't about that. Its about Gilroy. Various cars at my house have indicated that it is 108 here today. Its been hot for days here, and its supposed to stay hot for more days.

Fortunately, on very hot days the ocean gets vaporized and that water returns the next morning as fog. A cool night and morning fog makes this much more bearable.

Thank goodness the new house has air conditioning.

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