Monday, June 27, 2005

EJP's New Room

Last night, we put EJP into his own room for the first time. He had some trouble going to sleep. Once he was asleep, he woke up a couple times. At 1 AM, RCP spent about an hour with him.

Tonight he went down pretty easily; he's obviously tired. At 9:44, he woke up and cried once, but went back down easily. He seems to lose his pacifier, and become disoriented when he wakes up without it.

The time of the pacifier might be coming to an end soon. RCP offered him money to trade for his "fire". He immediately threw about 4 of them to Rory, but thought about it for a second, and took two back.

We've told him that we're going to mail them to Baby Alex, who is the one year old son of one of RCP's cousins.

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