Saturday, February 5, 2005

Into the Woods

Hotel Day 28

Saturday began with the normal fights about hair, clothes, or shoes. I'm not sure which.

While SKGP was in her tumbling class, we chatted with Matt and Kim. He'll probably end up doing some patio work for us at PH2.

We dropped EJP off at Nana's, grabbed a bean burrito, and headed into the woods. Always take a map when heading into the woods. We drove around the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains looking for the object of our quest and avoiding the local kooks.

Finally, our destination: Theatre in the Mountains presents CT English Middle School's production of Into the Woods. This production differed from the one you've seen on PBS. This was missing an act, had issues with the sound and lighting systems, and was full of 6th graders.

On the way back home, we started talking about the difficulties rearing children, and SKGP said "I could take EJP for my own."

We ditched SKGP with EJP at Nana's, and headed off to celebrate our anniversary by dining and relaxing.

Soccer hooligans everywhere. Help.

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