Monday, February 7, 2005

T Minus 71

April 19, 2005. The call came in today. We have a date. It's going to happen. We're getting a new house.

On Sunday, we made our deposit for the flooring and tile. That was the last decision; now all we have to do is wait. We visited our locked house, and the cabinetry has been installed.

The more time we spend around our house, the more we like it.

The base price for our model is now $835,000, which is substantially more than what we are paying. Of course, they couldn't sell you one at that price, as they are out of inventory. The sign indicates that only the models are left, but when I asked they told me each model already has a mile long waiting list.

Victory Is Mine

Hotel Day 30

Saturday, February 5, 2005

Into the Woods

Hotel Day 28

Saturday began with the normal fights about hair, clothes, or shoes. I'm not sure which.

While SKGP was in her tumbling class, we chatted with Matt and Kim. He'll probably end up doing some patio work for us at PH2.

We dropped EJP off at Nana's, grabbed a bean burrito, and headed into the woods. Always take a map when heading into the woods. We drove around the scenic Santa Cruz Mountains looking for the object of our quest and avoiding the local kooks.

Finally, our destination: Theatre in the Mountains presents CT English Middle School's production of Into the Woods. This production differed from the one you've seen on PBS. This was missing an act, had issues with the sound and lighting systems, and was full of 6th graders.

On the way back home, we started talking about the difficulties rearing children, and SKGP said "I could take EJP for my own."

We ditched SKGP with EJP at Nana's, and headed off to celebrate our anniversary by dining and relaxing.

Soccer hooligans everywhere. Help.

Friday, February 4, 2005

Surely You Jest

Hotel Day 27

It's Friday. The soccer hooligans are back. They're boys this week.

It's 8:45 PM. The kids are asleep and we're watching Collateral.
There goes the fire alarm. Again.

You have got to be kidding me.

RCP grabs EJP; I grab SKP. She mutters something about getting her toothbrush.

We go downstairs, and the alarm stops blaring.

Stupid hooligans burned their popcorn.

Thursday, February 3, 2005

Partial Fractions

It was 14 years ago today.

A first year engineering student was unprepared for the rigors of college life. He'd managed to squeak through Math 21A, but 21B was not going well. The topic of partial fractions was beyond the country boy's understanding.

In desperation, he wandered the halls of his dorm with a calculus book on his head, moaning.

Suddenly, a ray of light broke through the clouds. A door opened. A tutor emerged.

She was studying animal science, but had a strong background in calculus from high school. She was taking calculus for dummies to meet her degree requirements, but she could solve problems like a real science major.

She invited him in. She helped him do his homework. She tickled him.

A hiccup or two later, they are living in a hotel room with two children and two cats.

Wednesday, February 2, 2005

Uh oh Hot Dog

EJP has added a couple zingers to his vocabulary.

In a fitting tribute to the late, great Johnny Carson, EJP throws out an occasional "Hey-o!". Thanks to Gramzilla for introducing this, and his sister for encouraging him.

"Uh oh ... Hot dog" is something that he picked up from his parents after last week's Mad TV episode. Basically, an Asian guy doesn't speak English but he thinks he does. When something zany happens, he says the catchphrase. Funny.

The Country Club Lifestyle

On Sunday, we went to the Eagle Ridge Country Club for lunch with my parents. The weather was perfect and the food was pretty good. We were surprised at how few people were eating there at lunch time.

After lunch, we vistied PaceHouse II to check on its progress. The doors are now locked, so we can no longer wander around the inside. Looking through the windows, we see the sheetrock is up, taped, and textured. So its ready to be painted.

Things are moving along nicely!


Hotel Day 25

It appears that dirty politics are rampant in the hotel. Rumor has it that this week's GotW has only been in the hotel for 18 days as of Sunday, versus our 22.

Apparently, I've been schmoozing with the wrong employee. Arielle worked the Sunday evening shift, but the Sunday morning shift made the decision. She assured me (if people play by the rules) that we'll be awarded fairly soon.

Tonight I asked Arielle about the coup, and she says that this imposter was bestowed the honor as he is checking out sooner than us. Checking out seems like admitting defeat to me, but no one is going along with my point of view.