Friday, January 21, 2005

The Remodel of PaceHouse II?

On Tuesday night, Standard Pacific, the builder of PH2, hosted a get together. Several of the new neighbors were there.

As RCP and I talked to the people living around us, we were surprised at the plans they had for their houses. One couple is going to gut their master bathroom before moving in. Another is trying to find a contractor to move the breakfast nook out a couple feet and put a new window in one of the rooms.

What's wrong with us? We're happy with our dream home.

Also, it appears that our laziness is showing once again. Everyone else knows exactly what they are going to do with their yards, and have lined up the landscape architects and contractors to get it done. I know I haven't planned this far ahead, and I'm pretty sure she hasn't either.

Standard Pacific couldn't tell us the date of completion, but they commented that the recent storms have not been good for their work.

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